Sunday, March 7, 2010

Roasted Asparagus

I grew up on steamed asparagus. I was "made" to try it and disdainfully bite off a tiny, tiny piece of the tip. It was horrible. I grew into liking steamed asparagus. I tolerated it. I included it in my cycle of spring veggies. Then, I tried roasted asparagus. Oh, my goodness, this is an entirely different vegetable. I love them, I crave them and most importantly, one of my three munchkins actually will try them when "made" to do so.
Things I have learned about asparagus. The woody end is best gotten rid of, not by trimming them, but by simply snapping them off. Take the two ends into each of your hand, bend until it snaps. It will more likely than not, snap at joint of woody and yummy. I am trying to show this one handed, so you just have to imagine the other hand!!

Then, toss with some olive oil, Kosher salt and coarse ground pepper. Roast in over at 400 degrees. Timing will depend on the thickness of the stalk. It really can be fast... like 8 minutes with thin stalks and up to 15-20 minutes for very thick ones.
Top with freshly grated parmesean and you have a delicious, healthy side dish with minimal mess and fuss. Enjoy!

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